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Website Design

Stunning sites made by talented web slingers and surfers

We build amazing websites

Even if we say so ourselves. Our talented team of designers and coders create stunning sites that take full advantage of modern web design to make your company stand out online. Our briefing and discovery period is carefully mapped out so that we can understand your business, audience and exactly what you want your website to achieve, allowing us to put everything in place as well as offer advice and suggestions to take it beyond your expectations.

Responsive Web Design

If it wasn't for the SEO juice from mentioning it, we probably wouldn't bother as these days, responsive web design is a must and shouldn't even need to be spoken about. Our sites are designed to work across a range of mobile devices and all the latest browsers. And it's not just about fitting into the screen. We make changes for usability across devices too.
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Built on WordPress

We love WordPress and can make it do anything - well maybe not make the tea, but pretty much anything. It's solid, reliable, flexible and with new additions being written for it everyday, extremely future-proof. We create a custom drag 'n' drop backend, with pre-formatted content areas so you can easily edit, amend or even add pages. Kind of like building with Lego - choose the section, add the content and its there and styled automatically.
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Optimised for Search

These days, with SEO being more commonplace, it's more important than ever to have an optimised website. Speed, performance, structure, script position and all the right bits of information (meta information - titles, descriptions, alt tags etc.) are all the little bits that search engines look at. We make sure it's all ticked off the to-do list from the start.
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E-commerce and more

A website is a website right? Nope. They are all different and require different functions and integrations. From E-commerce and feeds, right through to membership portals and pop-up windows, we have seen and built them all. Our standard builds come with everything you need to create a range of websites, but these are the little extras or necessary functions that can make you site do more.
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