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OK, so legally we can’t play the theme tune – though admittedly that would be incredibly awesome – but we can help you. Problem logging in, lost a campaign in the ether or just can’t get the text to fit in the box properly? Then that’s what we’re here for, so call our team on 020 3026 0888 and we will sort it for you. *

  • Please note we are not able to stop an army, ambush a convoy of trucks or build a tank out of an old tractor in a locked barn.

Common problems you may be facing...

If you can’t log in because you have forgotten your password, then you can use the forgotten password link underneath the login forms. We don’t keep your passwords unfortunately.

If you’re having issues with the software running slowly, try logging out and clearing your browser cache. Browsers can be funny some times and you might need to clear the cache to get it all back on track.

The software isn’t working properly and you’ve cleared your cache? Try a different browser. Firefox and Chrome are the best, and don’t forget that sometimes browser extensions can effect online scripts as well.

Lost an email campaign? Try the restore function in the utilities menu when in the builder. It autosaves every few minutes so the chances are you haven’t really lost it. Please note the autosave feature is only available if you have an unsubscribe link in your mail. And remember, if you go back and restore, you won’t be able to go forwards again – so check the preview first before restoring!

You’re feeling tired and bored of doing work? Grab a coffee and call us on 020 3026 0888. We can offer you a managed solution and even tell you a few jokes.

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