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Landing Pages

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Dedicated pages to capture and convert your visitors

Landing pages are the most tried and tested way of converting your audience. They provide a dedicated online place to quickly digest information and act on it. A good landing page has no links to other parts of a site, no distractions, just great copy and a main call to action. There is only one point or purpose and that’s what the page is designed to do – sell a service, grab a sign-up, arrange a consultation. The difference with our landing pages is that they mimic your website, work everywhere and gather data to push to straight into our email and marketing automation platform, triggering a whole load of cool conversion based activities.


Growing your mailing list is holy grail of digital marketing. Data acquisition is by far the hardest part of any online strategy, and involves hard work and planning to make sure that you are capturing the right people so that you can market your goods and services to them on a regular basis. Our landing forms can help to do that in a variety of ways, from highly focused landing pages, to engaging surveys and gamification techniques.
  • Watch your audience grow


Our drag 'n' drop form builders connect instantly to your database in our platform and can be integrated into your email campaigns or linked to via your site or social media. You can instantly enrol your new visitors into automated marketing programs, build segments based on the information they provide from landing forms and surveys they complete, and ensure that your strategies are always in place and effective.
  • Instantly trigger campaigns


As well as putting the data straight into our marketing platform, every landing form and survey completed has full reporting behind it, giving accurate breakdowns of individuals and their responses. This means you can export the results as csv files, compare landing page results and get a visual representation of every response in text or a more graphical (chart and graph) format.
  • In depth performance reports

Designed to look like your website...

Could it be this easy? Yes. Our landing pages can look exactly like your site, with the click of a button! And we host them, and they’re responsive. Create forms and surveys using our drag ‘n’ drop interface, connect them to your database, style them in seconds and you’re good to go. We can even make them pop-up on your existing site if you like the really fancy stuff.

  • Drag 'n' drop form builder with a variety of elements
  • Designed to exactly match your website
  • Hosted by our platform with no limit on sizes
  • Page branching for complex surveys
  • Fully responsive to work on all devices
  • Option to code directly into your website

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