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Software Integrations

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Integrations that increase productivity

Software integrations are a great way to get our email marketing platform working with other solutions you are currently using, increasing productivity, saving time and ensuring your email marketing is always in sync with everything else you do. From CRM’s and data storage, through to websites and lead nurturing software, integrations ensure the right people get the right campaigns, and all campaign activity is recorded and acted upon at all times. With a host of pre-built integrations, 3rd party suppliers and an open API, there’s no end to what you can achieve by integrating with our platform.

CRM's and Data

We not only have the ability to integrate with a host of leading CRM systems using our API, but by working with our third party integrations supplier, Zapier, you can connect to a variety of popular software platforms and CRM's such as Capsule, Pipedrive, LeadPages, Shopify and more, all designed to ensure your data is always up-to-date and your leads and prospects are always engaged.


With prebuilt, single step integrations with Magento for campaigns and basket abandonment, and WordPress for sign-ups and acquisitions, plus easy access to place sign-up forms, landing forms and surveys into any website, your marketing and campaign activity reach can grow into a full acquisition and revenue generation channel in a matter of minutes.


Using Google Analytics? You can plug it straight into our reporting platform to get your campaign analytics directly from our platform. Not using Google? Well our simple web path tracking and ROI tool plugs straight into your site to tell you where users went after your campaign and what they bought or downloaded.

Social Media

Not only can you share your campaigns directly from the platform across social networks, but our simple social module allows you to add social sharing and links within your campaigns for your audience to use too. On top of that, our Facebook app allows you quickly add sign-up forms to your company pages to grow your mailing lists.

RSS Feeds

If you want to deliver your latest news, blog entries or industry news from an online source, automated RSS pulls embedded into your templates can ensure they are populated with the latest articles, pre-formatted to suit your design. Using RSS is a great way to deliver information without manually creating it for every campaign.

Open API

Our email platform comes with an open API in both SOAP and REST, with a host of functionality both in and out of the system, allowing you to connect to any existing systems you may have. There is full documentation with examples in C#, JSON and PHP and of course we are able to manage the whole process for you if needed.

A host of prebuilt integrations

Zapier connects with over 750 apps, including ours, so if you need to integrate our platform with another piece of popular software, talk to us about what can be done without needing to write a single piece of code. They have a selection of usage plans, including a free solution for smaller integrations, and the workflows can be up and running in minutes.
*Please note that Zapier are a 3rd party provider and features are unsupported and subject to change.

  • Project Management
  • Sales Generation
  • Proposal Creation
  • CRM Systems
  • File Storage
  • Communication

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