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Six Guidelines for Effective Web Content

Gabrielle Pickard - Content

Producing effective web content isn’t rocket science, but it does require a certain approach to ensure that it creates the desired effect on your potential customer. The team at Intelligent VC pride themselves in creating content that engages clients and leads to conversions. Here are some of their tips on producing content that works.

Start with research
Make sure you know your audience and have your customer personas to hand before you decide on what format of content to produce, the subject, the tone, and the length: every decision about your content should be tailored to making it attractive to and actionable by the most profitable sector of your target market.

Meet a need
Make sure you’re addressing a specific issue, subject, or problem; be clear about what it is, and how you’re going to give the audience the tools to solve it.

Regulate the length
Your word count should depend on who will be reading the content, and which formats suit your chosen field or subject. Longer articles of 800-1200 words are suited to in-depth technical topics, for example, whereas many audiences demand shorter, more digestible pieces of 400-600 words.

Search engine optimised
As well as making your content relevant and useful, to really produce effective web content you need to give the search engines a helping hand to recognise its value by researching the keywords which will yield the best search result ranking. Use these keywords several times in the article (but always avoid keyword stuffing), and use them in the URL, in H2 headers, in the meta description, and in the alt tags of your images. Also ensure the meta description is both concise and relevant to increase page views.

Break it up
The text on the webpage should be easily digestible, divided into short paragraphs with subheadings and emboldened text to improve readability. Always hyperlink references and keep the narrative of the writing move forward to a specific conclusion in clear stages.

Be consistent and correct
There’s nothing more distracting than text littered with grammatical and spelling errors. Proofread thoroughly and make sure to employ a consistent style guide to everything you write.

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