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The power of WordPress in 2016

Daniel Lack - Web

The most popular website creation system around today, and utilised by more than 74 million sites, WordPress is used by some of the biggest news services in the world like CNN, Reuters, and Forbes, as well as the humblest start-ups. Versatility like this makes the power of WordPress incontrovertible. Also, it can pretty much, with the right expertise behind it, do anything. Here’s what we believe makes WordPress such a useful and potent tool for boosting your company’s presence online, and ultimately increasing sales.

SEO friendly
The structure and clear sitemap on all WordPress sites makes them search bot friendly, helping increase your SEO.

Limitless functionality
The ability to add plugins for almost any functionality you can think of, plus the modular design of the construction system, makes WordPress a truly all-inclusive platform for your website. With standard coding languages such as PHP, Ajax and Javascript, the right developers and designers can make it do and handle anything.

Social media friendly
By plug in or in-built in the template, it’s easy to connect your site to social media and have a stylish looking RSS feed on-page, too.

Responsive design
In today’s world where mobile devices are rapidly gaining dominance over desktop computers, the value of responsive design to fit any screen size is crucial, and with almost every WordPress template, it’s built in.

From massive sites with tens of thousands of users that take significant input from programming professionals, through to sites of a handful of pages, this is a CMS that can suit your expertise, and your needs, whatever they may be.

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