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With the GDPR now upon us, it is always handy to understand what data can be used for electronic marketing purposes, to ensure that you are always on track and acting within the grounds of any covering legislation.

With this in mind, we have added some links to help you understand the data records you are allowed to send marketing emails to.

Remember in order to send any electronic marketing communications you must have a lawful reason to process the data under the GDPR, as well as conform to the Privacy and Electronic Data Regulations (PECR).

There are some links below to help clarify the above and you can always visit the extensive library of documentation available at the ICO’s website, https://www.ico.org.uk.

DMA Consent and Legitimate Interests (source: https://dma.org.uk/)

Direct Marketing Guidance (source: https://ico.org.uk/)

Direct Marketing Checklist (source: https://ico.org.uk/)

Determining what is personal data (source: https://ico.org.uk/)

Data controllers and data processors DP guidance (source: https://ico.org.uk/)


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