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What is Email Automation?

Michael Kaufman - Digital

Email is an international form of communication that has incredible power in the world of digital marketing, and it’s here to stay. In fact, emails have a conversion rate that is a staggering forty times that of Twitter or Facebook, according to research undertaken by McKinsey and Company. So it’s worth getting in the know about how to maximise the potential of this powerful tool. That’s where email automation comes in

What is email automation?
Email automation is the design and deployment of a system that sends emails out automatically when a customer takes a certain action related to your website or any online element of your business, or at set times and intervals throughout a time period. Examples include: a confirmation link for a subscription to your mailing list, a series of marketing messages, content delivery, confirmation of a purchase and many, many more.

What are the benefits?
It saves time, and therefore money
For any business owner, sending emails and responding to routine events is incredibly time consuming. B to B magazine found that 49% of B2B outfits spend more time and resources on email than on any other marketing channel.
Email automations cuts down on this dramatically, leaving you and your employees free to spend your time completing other tasks that can’t be executed automatically.

It works
Email automation allows you to use data to pinpoint the optimum time and manner for contacting a prospective customer. You can increase conversions by sending prospects the right content at the right time in their buying process, nurturing leads effectively, separating real prospects from browsers, and eventually making more sales, with less expenditure of resources.

It goes hand in hand other effective tools
Email automation can be the framework for a whole set of intelligent marketing solutions that leverage digital communication for incredible ROI. Intelligent VC, for example, offer a whole range of options in conjunction with email marketing with their full service operational solution: customer profiling, in-depth reporting, life cycle-analysis, ROI tracking and survey tools, to name but a few.

Automated programs work and should part of any email marketing strategy. If you would like to learn how your business can benefit from automation, then why not talk to us today.


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