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The Latest Trends in Email Marketing for Mobile Devices

Michael Kaufman - Email

The number of emails opened on mobile devices has surpassed the number opened on desktop computers in recent months. This makes it more important than ever to understand what’s trending in email marketing strategy, and what this means for your email marketing plans. It’s time to uncover the latest trends in mobile email design, and how to implement them for effective marketing.

Responsive design
The most important thing to consider when constructing an email that can be viewed on any screen is responsivity. Most websites have this perfected by now, but designing an email that looks perfect on any screen is still something of a challenge. The email should scan easily, with no large blocks of text and a clear purpose and narrative progression to the call to the action, which should be clear and bold, if there is one. The email should look good whichever orientation the device is in, morphing seamlessly into the perfect format.

Increased ROI
Recent research has shown that links clicked on mobile devices can yield twice as many clicks as links followed on desktops. This means that businesses serious about using email marketing to promote their company should be featuring mobile emails significantly in their strategies. More clicks leads to more conversions, which leads to increased ROI.

Nearly every smartphone has inbuilt GPS which allows pinpointing of its location. This means that events located in a certain area can be used to trigger an email specific to that geographical point. Honing in on the individualisation of your target reader is one of the best ways to increase conversions.


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