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The Biggest Social Media Trends of 2016

Michael Kaufman - Info

There’s no doubt about it: social media is on the rise, presenting myriad opportunities for promoting your business and connecting to your clientele. Here we present the biggest social media trends of 2016.

1. Facebook rules
Despite rumours that Facebook was losing its edge, statistics show that over 80% of internet users have a Facebook account and that many digital professionals believe it to be one of the most important marketing channels out there due to the scope of its reach and influence.

2. The rise of mobile
Desk-bound social media users are being liberated from their homes and work desks with the rise of mobile devices. In fact, at the beginning of 2016, a staggering 51% of people used a mobile device to access the internet of a daily basis, with only 42% using a desktop computer. When we talk about social media trends, the use of mobile devices will always be high up on the list.

3. Video, video, video
The use of video in social media and in marketing as a whole is perhaps one of the most significant and impactful trends of 2016. YouTube is a major player in this rise of the moving image: over 60% of internet users have a YouTube account, and YouTube reports a 100% increase in video consumption every single year. Facebook is increasing its offering with the launch of Facebook Live, enabling real-time video streams.

4. Snapchat’s ascent
This seemingly simple app is slowly growing in importance on the social media scene, creating a means of communication that has caught the attention of the masses. In fact, 23% of those who go online use Snapchat, compared to only 21% for Twitter. Businesses have yet to fully harness the power of this platform for marketing, but watch this space.

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