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Retention, Awareness and Acquisition

Daniel Lack - Digital

Digital marketing solutions should always be designed to help your business grow. From raising your online profile to generating more enquiries, digital marketing techniques allow businesses to become visible to more people, targeting prospective clients and capturing data in innovative ways that encourage engagement. The 3 main areas that we focus on to deliver the results described above are Retention, Awareness and Acquisition.


What is it?

Retention comes into play When you’ve spent money, time and effort acquiring new customers, you’ll do everything in your power to keep them. This is when Intelligent Visual Communication can prove invaluable to your business. We focus on assisting companies to achieve high retention rates and ensure customers remain loyal and keep coming back for more.

How we do it?

We achieve high retention rates for businesses by conducting communications surveys that ask for feedback and opinions, we enable our clients to engage recipients and undertake data capturing referral schemes that can help retain customers and generate new ones. Intelligent VC generates strong retention rates for our clients through personalisation and learning about customers and presenting relevant communications, information and products.

Simply personalising content and subject lines and including personalised information into campaigns is an effective way to increase open rates, engagement levels and ultimately raise retention levels. We also deliver effective customer retention through innovative re-engagement strategies. Our comprehensive email campaigns enable our clients to capture the behavioural data and interaction levels of a campaign, as a means of delivering emails to those who don’t traditionally open. Such data profiling techniques allow our clients to re-engage with customers where necessary.


  • Using relevant communications surveys
  • Presenting personalised information to them
  • Keeping them informed about promotions, new products, company news through online platforms


What it is?

Building awareness for a business is vitally important. Through effective email, digital marketing and social sharing strategies, Intelligent Visual Communication ensures organisations stand out and get the attention required to attract new customers, maintain existing customers and develop and explore new business opportunities.

How we do it?

Our experienced team of email and digital marketers help companies achieve brand awareness by delivering an ongoing drip feed of information. We work tirelessly to ensure businesses build long-term awareness through delivering a constant stream of information and promotional content so customers are continuously engaged yet not deluged with the brand.

Following comprehensive customer profiling, we deliver dynamic content for our clients, tailored specifically to build brand awareness and generate higher streams of awareness and interest in a brand. Our experienced team of email and digital marketers also achieve awareness by generating responsive emails that can be read from mobile devices, enabling customers to build awareness of a brand whilst on the go.

Intelligent VC also provides in-depth reporting, which captures relevant data and information, enabling us to have greater insight into the awareness being built around our clients that will ultimately add value, increase the effectiveness of a campaign and drive the success of future campaigns. Intelligent VC email marketing campaigns include the social sharing of emails, which allows your audience to promote your content for you, again heightening brand awareness.


  • Engaging them with a constant drip feed of information
  • Combining email marketing with social media
  • Reaching out to specific target audiences


What it is?

Email acquisition is the art of crafting an email marketing campaign designed to generate results by helping businesses acquire more customers. Instead of sending out email campaigns that merely clog up consumers’ inboxes, effective email acquisition involves customers engaging with your emails, turning marketing campaigns into highly profitable customer acquisition channels.

How we do it?

Intelligent Visual Communication achieves effective acquisition by growing companies email marketing lists through a specialised and bespoke email acquisition strategy. Through the use of high quality and engaging newsletters and promotional content, we generate high levels of customer acquisition. By carrying out meticulous customer profiling we enable clients to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns, by crafting greater customer engagement and tailoring emails to customers’ relationships with their products.

We achieve high levels of acquisition by working on every aspect of email construction, deployment and strategies. By employing a comprehensive operational and deployment solution, including design, coding, segmenting, automating and more, we take care of the whole of our clients’ email marketing campaigns, generating higher acquisition, meaning they can get on with doing what they know best – running their business.


  • Social media boosting and promotion
  • Sign up forms on websites
  • Creating regular newsletters blog posts

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business benefit from digital marketing solutions, get in touch with us today on 020 8736 0036 or email us at hello@intelligentvc.co.uk.


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