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Our new social media platform is here – take a look

Daniel Lack - October 27, 2016 - News

We’ve launched our new Social Media Platform for in-house use by you or your team, and we’re super excited about it, because it does everything and possibly even more than that…

The social platform works across all major networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and many more, allowing you to design and schedule posts, find interesting content to post, check competitor activity, grow your audiences, review detailed reports and more. There is even a new feature allowing you to send people to articles hosted on other sites, yet with a capture/signup form direct to your mailing list to grow your subscriber base.

On top of those features, the social platform also monitors trends and audience activity and includes a host of automation features as well, such as follow, like, flag and reply.

With publishing, discovery, monitoring and reporting at your fingertips, our new platform takes the time and hassle out of social media activity, whilst enabling you to develop your reach, awareness and grow your business.

To see more of our platform and the list of features, visit our social platform page, or for a demo, call us on 020 8736 0036.

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