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IVC wins WebAward Darlingtons Solicitors website

Daniel Lack - November 6, 2016 - News

Well this year we won the WebAward for Outstanding Achievement for a client site we built for Darlingtons Solicitors, under the category Legal Standard of Excellence.

It’s always great to win a webaward, and even better when it comes from hard work and innovation, which was something we put into place with the team at Darlingtons to create a site that was forward thinking and very different from most other legal sites.

The brief was to make it a more modern and unique take on a legal website, integrating rich media into an information based web archive, with functionality that works outside the box, such as tab ordered information delivery, specific formulas for related information and a split search function, deciphering between services and general advice and information.

Built with Craig Sharpe of Darlingtons, the site needed to be built with specific optimisation compatibility as SEO is a major part of the Darlingtons marketing mix, so the backend tailoring of titles, meta and h tags into seamless drag and drop environments was a welcome addition to the standard WordPress ecosystem.

The other part of the build was a focus on large hero imagery, giving Darlingtons the option to welcome their visitors with full screen images, each with title and search overlays, but ultimately creating a very unique experience, offering a simple concierge type search facility across the site when a visitor lands, whilst also encouraging them to scroll down the page to discover the content they are being directed too – and of course, reducing the CTAs to a minimum to encourage stickiness.

To see the webaward, please visit the 2016 Webawards, or to visit the Darlingtons site, click here. If you want to see more of what we do then why not check out our web design page or portfolio.

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