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Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation is about planning campaign strategy to work in the background, as you carry on your campaign activity. Effective automation techniques include welcome emails, regular updates, moving contacts through lists, basket abandonment and birthday programs. In fact, with effective planning, just about anything can be put in place, and automated campaigns and activity are always designed to keep your audience engaged, drive business and ensure you don’t miss a follow-up. Take a look at some of the common examples below, but for more information and ways to automate your campaign activity to increase ROI, call us on 020 8736 0036 and we’d be happy to discuss how marketing automation can work for you.

Triggers and Autorepsonders

Create and trigger campaign activity from sign-ups, form completion and behavioural activity such as opens and clicks.

Anniversaries and Renewals

Send a series of renewal campaigns as contracts come to an end, birthday emails or any other date or data field related activity.

Lifecycle Marketing Programs

Full lifecycle marketing campaigns, to nurture leads. Delays, decisions, multiple follow-ups and list management all automated.

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