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How to Write Content that Sticks

Gabrielle Pickard - Content

Why do you need content that sticks? In a world where the internet is inundated with information, people overloaded with facts, figures, offers, and deals, you have to stand out from the crowd and say something distinctive in order to get noticed. We recognise the importance of creating content that ‘sticks’, making an impact on the audience that ensures they retain your message and act on it. From infographics, through straight text, all the way to videos and images, content is exploding across the digital landscape. Here’s how to make yours stick.

Know your audience
Before you can create content that has the desired effect on your audience, you need to know who that audience is. Identify the most profitable sector of your market, create buyer personas to envision them as individuals, and develop a content strategy that plays to their desires and needs.

Keep it simple
Content that’s flooded with obscure acronyms and industry speak is likely to turn people off. Take time to make your message concise and digestible in the smallest possible time. As outlined in Nicholas Carr’s seminal Wired article in 2010, people tend to scan when they read online, quickly clicking away from content that doesn’t get swiftly to the point. 

Make an impact
The internet is nothing if not repetitive. Engage your audience and make your content stick by making it unusual, striking, or impactful. Use bold graphics, insert video, combine visual and auditory aspects: make people take notice when they land on your webpage.

Tell a story
In his book Descartes’ Error, Antonio Damasio shares research on how people rarely make a decision without being emotionally engaged in the factors at play. Translated to the digital marketing scene, this means that playing to your audience’s emotions is more effective than simply presenting a series of rational facts. Make it personal, tell a story, be human, and relate to people’s desires.

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