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The Foundations of Good Search Engine Optimisation

Daniel Lack - SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a field that’s receiving a lot of attention in today’s world. Competing for page views and sales in the overcrowded marketplace that the internet has become is proving to be increasingly difficult. Even before any of the technical know-how is put into place, it crucial to understand the factors at play when it comes to canvassing clientele online.

The website

Your website is the online equivalent of your bricks and mortar shop in the physical world. It represents your business, influencing the audience with every aspect of its design and how it’s populated with content and information.

In a similar way to the signage, shop window and layout of the interior of a traditional real-world store, a website should appeal to your target audience, with bold, well thought-out design and a clear message to visitors about what you offer.

Your website should always be in good working order, with functional links and an easy to use interface; relevant and interesting content should be added regularly. This will not only make it more appealing to visitors, but will make it easier for the search engine crawlers to index it more effectively.

Your strategy

Digital marketing won’t work if you take a scattergun approach. As experts in increasing audience engagement through modern Website design, email marketing and event triggered communications, Intelligent VC highlight the importance of having a plan in place before you take action to market your business online.

Thorough research of your market sector is at the root of an effective strategy; in order to target the people who are likely to want your product or service, you need to understand their habits and needs. What will they respond positively to? What are they looking for in life, and how can you leverage these desires? At what times of the day are they likely to engage with your content? When should you attempt to move them to the next stage in the selling process?

Once you have all the off-line information figured out, it then becomes easy to create a structured plan and target search engine optimisation to work for you. And of course if you need any help, we are always happy to talk it through.


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