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Email Marketing Strategies

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More than just sending emails

Our full operational and deployment solution is designed to run campaigns for you and you can use as much or as little of our expertise and man-power as required. You plan your campaigns and we do the rest leaving you to concentrate on the more important things. We can setup, code, segment, automate, deploy and more. In fact we can handle anything you need from an email campaign and we’re experts at doing all the tiresome operational bits, so reduce your in-house time and costs and let us make your campaigns work for you. Obviously sends and reporting are always part of the service but take a look below at the email marketing strategy examples we can  help put in place and run for you…

Responsive Design

1 in 4 emails are first read on a mobile device and it is now more crucial than ever than your messages are presented for a range of mobiles and tablets. Responsive design is a technique that can reposition or even change the look of the content based on the device your customers are using to view your emails.

Marketing Automation

Automation techniques allow you to market to customers directly without having to do any more than the initial setup. Triggered based events can handle everything from birthdays and reminders right through to complicated drip campaigns that deliver a series of time based campaigns to engage customers after the event or by interaction.

Customer Profiling

Customer profiling allows you to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, engaging customers by tailoring emails around their relationships with your products, services and past campaign interaction. Advanced customer records, accurate data segmentation and dynamic content can all be employed to increase the ROI of your email campaigns.

Dynamic Content

Having a profiled database allows you not only to tailor emails directly to customers, but using dynamically altering content you can display exactly the products or services that the individual is interested in. Sending customers offers they want and not the bits they don’t is a great way to improve engagement and ROI levels.

Lifecycle Marketing

As your relationship with your audience changes, so should your campaigns, placing individual customers within behaviour based strategies to increase activities, create brand ambassadors or even to re-engage. Automated life-cycles ensure customers and prospects are nurtured and never allowed to fall off the radar.


Unlike traditional forms of direct marketing, email allows you to report on who isn’t interacting and capture the behavioural data in order to deliver campaigns to non-openers before they get the chance to unsubscribe or forget about you. Profile data will allow you to gauge where that customer is and re-engage with them.


Using your campaigns to increase your reach is something that emails are perfectly designed for. Tracked forwards present clear calls to action for referrals and allow you to see, direct and reward your best ambassadors, encouraging their referral activity. Many systems include a forward to a friend link, handling this for you.

Surveys and Forms

Surveys and forms can not only give you the opportunity to engage recipients by asking for opinions and feedback, but also allow you to undertake data capturing referral schemes by asking your customers to provide you with referred data (remember best practice here). Survey data can also be mapped to existing profile fields.

RSS Feeds

If you want to deliver your latest news, blog entries or industry news from an online source, automated RSS pulls embedded into your templates can ensure they are populated with the latest articles, pre-formatted to suit your design. Using RSS is a great way to deliver information without manually creating it for every campaign.

Social Sharing

Why stop at the inbox. Emails can now include social sharing options allowing you your audience to promote for you. A great offer or campaign can be posted with one button to the recipients various social networks, and reporting metrics can validate the success and social value they hold for you.


Email marketing provides the opportunity to personalise content and subject lines, which creates an uplift in engagement if used correctly. Inserting known elements into campaigns, personlalising a subject line or even sending the email from the employee that individuals know and deal with all help to increase open rates and engagement levels.

Preference Centres

Sign-up forms that give your audience options as to what they choose to receive increases engagement, relevance and lowers unsubscribe rates. Simple preference centres allow your recipients to alter their subscriptions as they choose, updating their profile in the system which in turn automatically handles what they receive.

Split Testing

Ensuring your emails get through and deliver the right content is a must and advanced split testing techniques can improve campaigns by allowing you to alter subject lines and content pre-send, delivering different variants to a small percentage of your data and using the metrics to continue the campaign based on the most successful versions.

In-depth Reporting

Emails allow instant feedback across a range of metrics. The more data you capture, the more it can be used to increase the effectiveness of your emails. Metrics such as browser usage, CTOR (click to open rates) and web path analysis can compliment your existing analytics to help to drive the success of future campaigns.


Uploading data can be handled by connecting your existing CRM system to the email platform, resulting in real time data capture and updates, working both ways to enhance your email data or add feedback to your CRM database. Done properly, one API call can handle data from various sources – eg. web registrations, surveys or purchases.

CSV Population

For companies that need to send campaigns based on online stock or new products, designing templates with place holders to pull down information and images from a CSV file can reduce time considerably. Your website continually updates and outputs your stock list as a CSV to an FTP site and the system does the rest.

Cart Abandonment

A key metric for e-commerce organisations is the dropout rate. Shopping Cart Abandonment campaigns are proven to increase ROI by 33% and can easily be put into place to run automatically alongside existing activity, encouraging dropouts to reconsider their purchase or cross-sell at a scheduled time after the event.

ROI Tracking

Product marketing and reporting for e-commerce sites can be increased by putting website data into the metrics of each campaign. This allows for accurate ROI reporting and creates a direct relationship between the customer profile and the products they purchase, increasing the opportunity to engage customers with targeted campaigns.

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