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Meet our Digital Heroes

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a drip campaign!

Michael Kaufman

Michael eats and sleeps digital marketing. He loves to talk about it and his experience pre-dates us all, in fact his earliest white paper was discovered painted on a cave somewhere near Devon. It's this knowledge that makes him an invaluable member of the team for both us and of course, our ever growing list of clients.
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Elizabeth Sintoni

By day, Elizabeth is a digital designer with a tonne of agency experience across Europe and China, creating stunning digital assets such as websites, emails and social content. By night, she is a nimble crime fighter, using a selection of bat shaped gadgets to catch bad guys in the streets of Gotham. Pretty cool no?
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Lilian Chisca

Part man, part coding machine, Lilian's knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem, php and data integrations means there is nothing this man can't do with a Macbook Pro, a copy of Dreamweaver and a fully loaded Starbucks card. In his spare time, he codes more websites and jumps out of burning buildings - a true website building super hero.
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Gabrielle Pickard

Gabrielle is an experienced journalist who understands how to write effective copy across all mediums, even a 140 character Tweet. In fact her knowledge of writing for social media is why we think she's tops, or at least thats what we put on her Facebook review page and Yell.com.
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Lara Joseph

Lara is the heart and soul of the company, responsible for making sure the work gets done and we get paid. In short we all love Lara - especially on pay day. As well as getting the accounts and admin done her other specialist subject is organising office parties, birthday cakes and co-ordinating everyone's holiday time.
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