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The Benefits and Anatomy of Effective Landing Pages

Daniel Lack - Digital

The intricate interaction of all the elements of a digital marketing campaign can be difficult to organise and prioritise however effective landing pages are one of the most important, increasing conversion rates and driving sales, which, after all, is the whole point of having an online presence for your business.

We specialise in websites, email marketing, and strategies and tools to increase audience engagement and drive conversions. We’re here to explain what makes a good landing page, and what the benefits are.

What are landing pages?
Landing pages are any pages in a website that prompt the visitor to undertake a certain action, be it download a resource in return for their email address, sign up to your newsletter, make an announcement, or buy your product there and then.

How do you create effective landing pages?

Have a focussed purpose:
Don’t dilute the focus of your message by making your landing pages ambiguous. It should have one message and a call to action that’s simple to understand and opt into.

Make it impactful:
According to research conducted by Ion Interactive, people form their first impression of a page in one twentieth of a second. The message should be clear, the graphics and text in line with your audience’s persona, and the layout easy to scan.

Include images or video:
People respond well to visually assimilated information, trusting them more than text alone and gaining more in a shorter amount of time. Video content is proving to be increasingly preferable to internet users than text, and draws people in to your personal message, increasing their level of involvement and trust.

What are the benefits?

Increase your conversion rate:
Whatever your actionable goal is, a landing page will help you increase the likelihood of your audience opting in and eventually purchasing your product or service.

Collect data:
A properly designed landing page can give you valuable insights into customer data to direct your digital marketing strategy.


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